The Blue Zones Project by Sharecare

Sardinia – The Blue Zones Story
Sardinia is one of the world’s five Blue Zones – the places where people live significantly longer and healthier lives than anyone else in the world. Sardinia has nearly 10 times more centenarians per capita than the United States. Their longevity is partly because of their good genes and the fact that their genes have mostly remained ‘undiluted’ because they are geographically isolated on an island.

Sardinians are also culturally isolated, which has helped them maintain their very traditional lifestyle. Sardinians still hunt, fish, and harvest their food. They keep close ties to friends and family throughout their lives, devoting plenty of time to laughter and wine. They move naturally, they nap regularly, and get lots of antioxidants from their wine, herbal teas, and a traditional Mediterranean diet.

Gianluca Corse, the owner of Cosmos, supports the Blue Zone Project. This community-led wellness program encourages us to make healthy choices easier so that everyone can live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

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The Top 10 Blue Zone Foods from Sardinia are:
Artichoke, Fennel, Onion, Almond, Barley, Durum Semolina, Pecorino, Cheese, Goat’s Milk, Cannonau Wine.

Gianluca’s Story
Gianluca Corso is a proud Sardinian from the town of Castlesardo. Gianluca moved to the U.S. in 2003 and brought with him a wealth of cultural knowledge from his homeland (many values that Blue Zones Project acknowledges are vital to living a long, prosperous, healthy life.); the value of close family ties, the importance of taking time to enjoy life, and (luckily for us) the benefits of fresh and healthy food for everyone to enjoy.

Gianluca has always had a passion for meeting people and making friends, along with the desire to live his dream of operating a successful restaurant. In 2008, along with his wife Eva, Gianluca bought Cosmos and decided that he would bring as much of Sardinia to Naples as possible. Gianluca and Chef Leo have enjoyed introducing people to the exceptional flavors, the old-world dishes, and the legendary wines that Sardinia has to offer. Gianluca would like to help everyone in Southwest Florida live longer, just like a Sardinian!